Dairy Plant

Pasteurization process

Pasteurization is a process that heats every single particle of milk and cools the milk again.
We do the pasteurization for 2 reasons:

  • To remove all bad / unhealthy bacteria
  • To improve the taste of products such as yoghurt and laban

Production of Fermented Products

We add good and healthy bacteria for our Fresh Yoghurt, YO! Fruit flavored yogurt and Laban. The good bacteria perform its function in the milk to create the product that our customers like.

It takes around 5 hours for the bacteria to make our yogurt and after that we cool it and it is ready for eating.


It is the process that removes or adds cream from the milk. This is how we can make the products with different percentages of fat. Eg. Full Fat Milk, Low Fat Milk, Double Cream and Skimmed Milk.


The process that separates fat and water in milk to make fat globules smaller, so that they stay together in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the top of the jug.

Juice Plant

Al Rawabi is also a leader in fresh juices in the UAE. We have a separate production juice plant in which we make 15 different flavors of juice in different sizes.
To make our juices, we are taking the best fruits from all over the world.
We make sure that our juice is healthy and of best taste by pasteurizing and homogenizing the juice in our factory.

Where do we get fruits for our juice?

We get our raw material for juice from various countries.
The best fruits are selected only from countries where they would naturally grow.
Our mango comes from India! Our Apple comes from Austria! Our Orange comes from USA! Our Red Grape comes from Spain! For each juice flavor we have, we select only the best fruits!