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Abdallah Sultan Al Owais

Abdallah Sultan Al Owais is the Chairman of Al Rawabi Dairy, the UAE’s biggest dairy that was established in 1989. In his role, he has helped influence and shape Al Rawabi’s journey to become a pioneer Dairy company in the Middle East that uses global best practices in health, hygiene, safety standards and animal welfare to create quality products. On His watch, Al Rawabi has expanded to become a company with a capacity to process 275,000 litres of dairy products a day, as well as 150,000 litres of juices every day. Al Owais has a distinguished track record that started with him working in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce between 1990 and 2003. From there, he moved to the Ministry of Energy as Deputy Minister, where he served from 2003 to 2006. He has served as a Board Member for Emirates NBD Bank, and also holds the Chairmanship for Emirates Poultry Company (Al Rawdah) and the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Abdulla Al Qubaisi

Abdulla Al Qubaisi is the Vice Chairman of Al Rawabi Dairy Company since 2012. He has also been discharging duties as the Operations Director for the Investment Corporation of Dubai, which is the Dubai government’s investment arm. Al Qubaisi sits on other company boards and is the Chairman of Emirates Refreshment Company, Vice Chairman of Emirates Modern Poultry Company (Al Rawdah) and a board member at Aswaaq. Al Qubaisi’s rich and varied career started in 1991 at Dubai Customs. By 1992, he had moved to the Dubai Ports Authority as marine pilot, where he was sent to study in Alexandria. By 1996 he had received a first class honours degree in Hydrographic Surveying, and in 2002 was promoted to Maritime Captain. In 2006, Al Qubaisi was again promoted to Assistant Director of the Marine Department at Jebel Ali Port. He helped the Port acquire numerous quality, safety and environmental certifications and was also nominated internal auditor for the facility. Al Qubaisi believes in continual education and self-development. In 2005, he obtained a M.Sc. in Port Management from the World Maritime University in Malmo-Sweden, and was nominated as a visiting scholar – a distinction he still holds. He has attended several leadership programmes, including those hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the American University of Sharjah

Dr Ahmed El Tigani

Together, we have made an incredible journey of success, and more importantly, created a brand that resonates with the Nation’s spirit of excellence. For me, Al Rawabi supplies food to my beloved country and is a lifelong passion and I am proud and glad to push the boundaries to make this entity a jewel in the country’s history.
Throughout our journey, we faced many challenges which we never gave up to, instead we stood up and innovated solutions, we moved stronger on in our journey to success, and we stood proud on our achievements. The challenges pushed us to innovate so we introduced the plastic bottles as the first UAE company to do this, which in turn gained us 7% of the dairy market share, and after that the introduction of the juices section helped score profits that balanced the losses made in the dairy. We were also the first company to introduce the family size of 2 liters, 3 liters and a gallon, as we saw those packing sizes answering the needs of the average family size in the UAE. We came up with functional products such as Super Milk, Nutree Boost, Vitamin D milk. Hence, the innovation and finding new ways to answer consumer needs are the biggest success factor in the industry, as you have to keep track with the ever rapid changes. The tempo of life is changing, people have less time, but want to look younger, live longer, be more productive.
We are investing a lot of money in the research, and we call in the best experts to support us developing the best products and answer the needs of the market.
Over the years, we have kept up our investment in the facility’s infrastructure and cattle stock in line with the market demand. We have diversified in line with the ever evolving demand of the consumer. We are on our way to become a regional brand and by 2020 we will be present in all GCC countries. We will also increase our visibility in more African countries.
Today, close to 30 years of our presence, we envision to go bigger and become a MENA brand by 2020, beyond just a dairy farm to a food company with multiple product portfolios countries in the region. Our tagline is Nation’s Health, and we believe by offering high quality products that help with the rising deficiencies in the region we can contribute to people having a healthy and a happy lifestyle, which in return makes them productive members of the society. Al Rawabi plans to follow the needs of the market and further innovate in the health space, as we strongly believe that the future is healthy.

Al Rawabi

About Al Rawabi

Part of the heritage of the UAE and one of the country’s leading Dairy & Juice companies, we started our journey in 1989 on our farm in the heart of Dubai’s desert in Al Khawaneej. Our life as a dairy farm began with 500 imported cows with a vision to become a market leader in fresh dairy and juice products. Consumer demand for our products grew steadily over the years which opened doors across the UAE & Oman. Our UAE dairy farm currently has over 16,500 cattle that operates around the clock with our production facility operating 24 hours.

An award-winning UAE-based company, we serve more than one million customers per day, and in 2020 celebrated our 30th anniversary. Our products are easily recognizable as they bear the words Home Made in the UAE. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We introduced plastic milk bottles to the UAE in 1991 and were the first company to bring fresh juices to the GCC in 1995. As a leading dairy manufacturer in the UAE, we were the first company to introduce functional dairy products into the market. We also have plans to launch an environmentally friendly biogas plant in the near future.

Al Rawabi currently produces 350,000 liters of dairy products and 150,000 liters of juice products per day. The Nation’s Health is of paramount importance to us hence we ensure our products are fresh and always packed with health benefits. As Al Rawabi’s dairy farm is located in close proximity to the dairy processing plant our products are delivered to your retail shelves within 24 hours. It’s been an honour and a privilege to serve the nation for over 30 years. Our promise is to ensure the Nation’s health.

CEO and Chairman’s Messages

Al Rawabi

H.E. Abdalla Sultan Mohamed Sultan AlOwais


Al Rawabi

Dr Ahmed El Tigani

Chief Executive Officer, Al Rawabi Dairy Company

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises


H.E. Abdalla Sultan Mohamed Sultan AlOwais



H.E. Mohamed Ali Ahmed Binzayed Alfalasi

Vice Chairman


H.E. Ibrahim A. l. AlQadhi

Board Member


H.E. Dr. Obaid Saif Hamad Ali Alzaabi

Board Member


H.E. Thamer A. A. Alsaleh

Board Member


H.E. Shaker Fareed Abdulrahman Zainal Karmastaji

Board Member


H.E. Ali Mohamed Salim Mohamed Alnaqbi

Board Member


H.E. Abdulla Saif Salem Rashed Alshamsi

Board Member


Mr. Neeraj Vohra Dwarka Nath Vohra

Board Member

Management Team

Our Management Team comprises


Mrs. Aliaa Saied

CEO Office Manager


Mr. Kamaleldin Hussein

Plant Manager


Mr. Hamish Letham Fleetwood

Farm Manager


Mr. Nael Abbad

Financial Controller


Mrs. Entesaar Alkaabi

HR Manager


Mrs. Omeyma Alneel

Supply Chain Manager


Mr. Sharf Eldin Mohamed

General Maintenance Manager

admin-ajax - Copy

Mr. Shine. K. Attokaran

Head of Sales and Marketing


Mr. Mohammed Azeemuddin

IT Manager

Dr. Suhair Saad

Mrs. Dr. Suhair Saad

Energy and Environment Manager


Mrs. Jelena Agbaba

QAPD Manager

Mission, Vision & Values



Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through superior dairy, functional food and food products.


To be the brand of choice in every market we operate in.



  • Customer First:  We are customer-centric. We believe the customer is our lifeblood. Hence, we put the customer at the center of everything we do, from ideation to delivery.
  • Innovation: Al Rawabi Dairy Company strongly believes that ‘innovation is differentiation’. We therefore create a conducive environment for innovation.
  • Initiative: We encourage our people to take the initiative and try new things, exercise problem-solving and never be afraid of making mistakes because mistakes are learning opportunities
  • Integrity: At Al Rawabi Dairy Company integrity is our ethical capital. Truthfulness and trustworthiness are inbuilt in every drop of milk and every ounce of food we produce.
  • Precision: At Al Rawabi Dairy Company we put our hearts into our jobs. ‘Precision to perfection’ is our motto.


From our humble beginnings with 500 imported German cows in 1989 we have steadily grown to become the major dairy producer we are today.  In 1992 we entered the Omani market and in 1995  we were the first dairy company in the GCC to introduce pasteurized juices. We established the Total Mixed Ration Project (TMR) for customization of feeding sheets for each cow in 2000. In 2003 we inaugurated our state-of-the-art milk and juice plant. In 2008 we were listed as being among the 40 strongest brands in the Arab world by Forbes Magazine. We launched Nutree Boost as part of our revolutionary Functional Products range to improve the nation’s health in 2012 and this was followed in 2014 with our Super Milk range designed to combat the nation’s Vitamin D deficiency. By 2015 our herd had increased to 12,500 and we currently have more than 16,500 cattle.


Our journey begins!

We established our company with a herd of 500 imported cows from Germany and 10 trucks to distribute our products


Expanding our footprint

We entered the Omani market


Industry innovators

We were the first dairy company in GCC to introduce pasteurized juices


Our cows' welfare comes first

We established the Total Mixed Ration Project (TMR) for customization of feeding sheets for each cow.


High-tech facility opens

Our new state-of-the-art milk and juice plant was inaugurated


Another accolade!

We were listed among the 40 strongest brands in the Arab world by Forbes Magazine


A hat-trick of ISO awards

We were awarded an ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management, an ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and an ISO 22000 for Food Safety


Your health is our top priority

We launched Nutree Boost as part of our revolutionary Functional Products range to improve the nation’s health.


Major investment in high-tech equipment

We invested Dh22 million for our new third-generation automated filling line and pasteurization line.


National recognition

We were awarded Brand of the Year by Superbrands UAE


New storage facilities open in UAE capital

We inaugurated a new warehouse facility in Abu Dhabi


Meeting consumer demand

We expanded into bakery and meat products via our Butcherz and Bakerz brands


Al Rawabi Academy

Al Rawabi Dairy Co L.L.C. is ably led by CEO Dr. Ahmed Al Tijani himself, a celebrated scholar and a man of profound learning.
Al Rawabi Academy aims to be the region’s trusted learning aide in the overall development process of the country and a stalwart in building a talent pool of expertise in the fields of Dairy Technology, Farming and Agriculture, Management, Sales & Marketing, Proper Milk Sampling Procedure, Feeding Dairy Cows to Maximize Production, Health and Empowering Women in Agricultural Development Projects. The main objective for the Al Rawabi Academy lies in its commitment to HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to develop local talent in various Management, Technical, Analytical proficiencies in Dairy and Farming, that can one day lead to Emiratize the local food industry.

Al Rawabi Company vision is to provide tailor-made learning solutions and development programs that are encouraging, challenging and conducive in building a strong learning platform and building competencies that would benefit a growing economy.

Al Rawabi Academy has been built in line with the Company’s Core Values “Employee First” to optimize human capital efficiency and improve performance. It is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and growth opportunities through a quality, cost-effective management, vocational and technical education. Al Rawabi has had an immense amount of experience in managing education since 1989. Participants in our program learn much more than management theory and practice; they acquire new ways of thinking that can profoundly change their lives and the success of their organization. The Academy provides learning solutions both internally and externally.

Internally the Al Rawabi Academy would be running Competency driven Learning Programs for its existing workforce that would address the overall Al Rawabi Corporate Strategies. Whether it is on-boarding, on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, or formal classroom training the purpose of the Internal Training team is to create a motivated, skilled, and well-organized workforce, that would ensure that Al Rawabi meets its strategic objectives. The ARA intends to develop a team of qualified SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who would be developing function specific content and programs to ensure the organization’s training needs are fulfilled internally as a part of our learning strategy. These would include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing Skills mandated by the authorities
  • Developing Skills that current employees have and are needed to train the new hires
  • Developing Skills that the workforce must gain to improve existing workflows
  • Developing Skills that employees need to support a new product, market, or technology.

To ensure that real learning takes place and endures Al Rawabi Academy encourages an integrated and comprehensive approach by integrating both formal and experiential elements. A firm believer in employable learning methodologies, ARA learning principles are structured around how participants internalize and apply their theoretical knowledge by following the 70/20/10 formula.

Not limited to its workforce, Al Rawabi Academy intends to share its vast experience to the local market as well. ARA has established academic partnerships with various Global Universities to offer their training model to Young Local Talents, overseas students, and existing Al Rawabi Dairy Employees. These acclaimed institutions would align our learning initiatives with key business strategies. Our courses are taught by qualified lecturers with relevant industry experience. Our objective is to establish Dubai as an academic hub attracting local and overseas students. The academy’s mission is to provide students with a strong academic foundation with access to various specialized knowledge bases and prepare them both through interactive lecture-based learning as well as hands-on learning to become productive, competent professionals, and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global arena. This is in sync with the Learning Strategy of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The ARA’s aim is to build career paths according to individual training plans to boost employee development opportunities and impart the skills that help their promotion. ARA provides free courses to Emirati students. Through this initiative ARA aims to attract large numbers of young Emirati men and women to work in Al Rawabi and other Dairy and Food companies in various GCC regions and cities.

The academy has a proven track record of significant improvement across the business cycle especially in the arena of improved productivity, sales volumes and margins, customer satisfaction, reducing costs and maintaining a positive work environment.