• Introducing our brand NEW Milk Bottle

    This May, we launched our brand new milk bottle into the market. Look out for the new eye catching design and promotional packs in a shop near you to redeem your visit to the Al Rawabi Farm!

  • Introducing our brand NEW Juice Bottle

    This June, we launched our large range of juices in a brand spanking new bottle. Keep a close eye in store for your favourite flavour.

  • Have you tried NEW SuperMilk?

    Drinking Al Rawabi Super Milk gives you important nutrients, but do you know what they’re for?


How many hours a day does a cow chew her cud?

A cow chews her cud from 6 to 8 hours each day.

What does a cow weigh?

When our Holstein cow are milking, they weigh between 500-700kg.  Find out more

Our Spoilt Cows

Milk Facts

Almost all milk is pasteurized, homogenized and fortified. Pasteurized milk has been treated with heat to kill any germs

How milk is made?

A cow can only produce milk after she has given birth to her first calf (generally when they are around 2 years old). Like us, cows are pregnant for nine months and generally only have calves once a year.