Functional Products

Vitamin D Milk

Vitamin D Milk – Full Cream

Vitamin D Milk – Low Fat

Strawberry Vitamin D Milk

Super Milk

Super Milk Full Cream

Super Milk Low Fat

Nutree Boost

Strawberry/Mango/Orange Nutree Boost


For me, Al Rawabi supplies food to my bellowed country and is a lifelong passion and I am proud and glad to push the boundaries to make this entity a jewel in the country's history. We are confident to travel this journey as we we are innovators.

In fact we have grown beyond just a dairy farm to a food company with multiple product portfolios. We will continue to add more products, and markets, every year. We have diversified in line with the ever evolving demand of the consumer. We are launching new range of functional products namely Vitamin D milk that will target to resolve the burning issue of 80 per cent of the population being Vitamin D deficient.

On the juice side we will also address other two important issues – hypertension and diabetes – by launching two new juices with added function to help east those symptoms. Previously, we have launched Supermilk, first fresh milk enriched with multivitamins and minerals, and Nutreeboost, first functional Laban enriched with oats, vitamins and minerals.

These consistent investments have been made carefully to help us propel our ambition to become a regional leader within the time frames we have set for ourselves. As our promise has become the Health of The Nation, we will continue investing in the research and innovations, as it is our honor and responsibility to serve the communities we currently operate in.

- Dr Ahmed El Tigani
Chief Executive Officer, Al Rawabi Dairy Company