Long Life Products

UHT Skimmed Milk 1Ltr

Shelf-life (including production date): 6 Months

    Packaging Declaration:
    • Ingredients:Natural Cow’s Milk (max 0.5% fat, min 8.5% non-fat solids), Vitamins A and D.
    • Homogenized and UHT treated Milk
    • Keep below 25°C, away from sunlight.
    • Keep closed and refrigerated after opening.


  Gram(g) kilocalorie (kcal)
Energy value 35.7 kcal/149.4kJ  
Protein Content 3.1g  
Carbohydrate 4.7g  
Fat 0.5g  
Vitamin A 120 IU  
 Vitamin D 40 IU (10% RDA*)  
*Recommended daily allowance

Available Pack Sizes

1 liter